What's at Stake

Are Our Prisons and Jails Ready for COVID-19?

People in prisons and jails are uniquely vulnerable to coronavirus. We know that the number of infected people in our prisons and jails is on the rise and Idaho officials must act quickly  to ensure the safety of incarcerated people, medical staff, and correctional officers.

Stories from the Inside Story Project

ACLU Idaho stories from the inside

Human Kind: A Voice for the Inside, the ACLU of Idaho, Black & Pink Boise and the North West Abortion Access Fund has come together in partnership to build an awareness and accountability campaign to amplify the experiences of incarcerated folks during this pandemic.

The purpose of this campaign, “Stories from the Inside,” is to hold officials accountable to protecting the health and safety of ALL Idahoans, especially incarcerated and system impacted Idahoans. Our goal is to collect stories from incarcerated folks in order to amplify their voices and experiences from inside and build awareness amongst our community about the ways that COVID-19 is impacting folks inside.

Prisoners are People too!

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