Know Your Rights Hotline & Resource Page

What is the Know Your Rights Hotline?

The Know Your Rights Hotline’s purpose is to provide the immigrant and undocumented community information and resources when interacting with law enforcement/ ICE on the road, in public, at work or at home.

The ACLU of Idaho hotline is intended for community members to speak to ACLU staff to get the Know Your Rights materials to their home and request trainings.

1-855-8UNIDOS or 1-855-886-4367


1. What can I expect when I call the hotline number?

We have two non-legal staff members that will be attending the hotline. Upon request we will send a Know Your Rights packet via email or mail in the language you request. We have limited staff members that will be attending the hotline so we ask for your patience when a call is sent to voicemail.

2. What are the hours of business I can call the hotline?

To speak to a representative call hours will be from 7AM -7pm MST. On holidays no staff will be available. Voicemail option will be available 24/7.

3. I left a voice message on the hotline, when should I expect a response?

Voicemails will be checked on a weekly basis Monday-Friday. Follow up should take no longer than 3 business days.

4. Will there be other languages available?

For the moment we will have English and Spanish available. We are trying to have more languages available.

5. How do I request a KYR training and what are the requirements?

When you call the hotline, please indicate that you’re interested in receiving our Know Your Rights Training. Our organizers will work with you to asses needs, dates and location. We do not do individual trainings. A group of 10 more individuals is recommended.

6. Can I get legal advice if I call the hotline?

This hotline will not be used to provide legal advice. If you suffered, or were a witness to, a civil liberties violation in Idaho and would like the ACLU of Idaho to review your complaint, please fill out and submit our online complaint form.

7. Can I use this number to get information about the ACLU of Idaho?

No, if you would like to learn more about our work please visit our website. If you need to file a civil liberties complaint please visit our intake form online.

8. What if I am currently interacting with police or ICE, can I call this number?

We recommend you to assess your situation to prevent the escalation of the situation. If you had an interaction with law enforcement and feel your civil rights have been violated please fill out our intake form. If you are in need of legal representation please review the resources below.

What other resources are available?

Federal Government Sites

US Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS)