Occupy Boise encamped together on the lawn of the old Ada County Courthouse--in clear view of the Idaho Legislature--on November 5, 2011. By the following February, the Legislature had enacted a bill outlawing the encampment. The bill's sponsor, Rep. Scott Bedke, commented to the press that "the right place for people to exercise free speech is on the Capitol steps," not via a "tent city."

The ACLU of idaho represented Occupy Boise and several involved activists in successfully challenging the law and the State's repeated efforts, after a federal court enjoined the law, to oust Occupy Boise and curtail its high-profile protest. In a series of rulings, together we won important and historic victories striking down unconstitutional restrictions on free speech and assembly around the Capitol building.


Ritchie Eppink, Brian Walker

Date filed

February 17, 2012


United States District Court for the District of Idaho


B. Lynn Winmill



Case number