The ACLU of Idaho works to address the injustices of Idaho’s criminal legal system—from policing to sentencing. We seek to end mass incarceration, excessively harsh criminal justice policies, over-criminalization, racial injustice and other structural and institutional barriers that stand in the way for individuals to find success post incarceration.

We are fighting to reshape pretrial proceedings and sentencing, police practices, public defense systems, prosecutorial accountability, and drug policies which have failed to achieve public health while putting an unprecedented number of people behind bars, and we are striving to implement fair chance practices (Ban the Box). The work of the ACLU of Idaho is to fundamentally change the punishment bureaucracy by ending mass incarceration, protecting constitutional rights, eliminating racism, holding the police accountable, and increasing government transparency.

Most importantly, we mobilize, empower, educate and elevate the people most impacted by this unjust system to advocate for justice.