Center Stage: Celebrating Drag in Idaho

Anti-LGBTQ and anti-drag rhetoric has been pulsing through our state for quite some time, with more recent efforts leading to the introduction of House Bill 265 during the 2023 legislative session, intended to ban public drag in Idaho. While the Idaho State Legislature did not pass the drag ban in 2023, it is expected to resurface in the upcoming session. We have seen anti-drag efforts locally across the state, such as in Couer D'Alene, where a performer was falsely accused of exposing themselves to minors and in Rexburg, where the anti-LGBTQ hate group Mass Resistance has protested library ‘Reading Time’ events and is currently advocating for a city ordinance banning drag in public spaces. Lawmakers and far-right anti-LGBTQ groups such as the Idaho Family Policy Center want you to believe that drag (and queer culture itself) is inherently sexual and challenges moral standards; they want to hide queer and trans people out of the public eye, forcing us back to pre-stonewall days. 

We aim to center the stories of drag performers across Idaho, celebrate queer joy, and advocate for drag performances in Idaho as a protected form of artistic expression under the First Amendment of U.S. Constitution. We believe in the value of visibility and the understanding that being seen is a crucial factor in preserving our lives. Our intention is for performers to re-define the narrative of drag and expand the public perception of its true essence through stories and lived experiences. Drag is a form of creative expression like any other and has always been about joy and acceptance. The stories shared on this page are here to celebrate and advocate to protect the constitutionally guaranteed right to dance, fashion, music, and DRAG! 

Share Your Drag Story with the ACLU of Idaho Reach out to ACLU of Idaho Advocacy Fellow Jenna Damron to learn how you can participate.

Learn how you can protect drag in Idaho with the North Idaho Pride Alliance