SB 1243 intends to require the Department of Health and Welfare to provide Idaho women with medically inaccurate information as they prepare to get abortion care. This is the second time this bill has been introduced in the Idaho Legislature. Read the full text of the bill here

This bill requires that during the state-mandated counseling period, which women must receive prior to an abortion, medical providers tell women that a medication abortion may be reversed. Such a claim is largely unsubstantiated by any reliable medical evidence to date. As such, it does nothing but continue to shame women for making the private decision to terminate their pregnancy and it breaks down the honesty and trust which are critical to a productive and healthy doctor-patient relationship. Forcing providers to give medically inaccurate and misleading information is detrimental to women’s health. 



Sen. Lori Den Hartog (R)


Passed Senate



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