The Idaho Apartment Association (IAA) introduced HB 138, which seeks to amend the Unlawful Detainer Act so that all evictions in Idaho are completed within an expedited timeframe. This means that a court must schedule a trial no later than 12 days from the filing of a complaint for any reason for the eviction. IAA’s proposed language purports to update Idaho landlord/tenant laws, but gives landlords the unprecedented ability to enact expedited eviction proceedings against a tenant with significant financial penalties if an eviction judgement is awarded against a tenant.

Given Idaho’s statewide lack of access to affordable housing, this bill will significantly harm the housing rights of people with disabilities, children, seniors, refugees, immigrants, low-income Idahoans and others who are reliant on rental properties to provide them and their families with safe and secure shelter.



Re. Caroline Troy (R)


Won: Bill did not pass



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