HB 151 imposes regulation on individuals and charitable organizations who solicit or accept donations to help pay bail for those incarcerated in Idaho jails. The bill would require charitable organizations and individuals to become licensed and obtain sureties (a person or company that assumes the responsibility of debt if the orignial debtor cannot make payments) if they wish to post bail for more than one person in a six month time period.

To become licensed, a person would have to provide fingerprints, take a written exam, provide an original bond to the Department of Insurance in the amount of $15,000, and appoint a surety company. These requirements have serious ramifications on individuals who are trying to raise funds to free their family members and loved ones. If passed, this bill will make it more difficult for Idahoans to receive assistance from community members in order to post bail. The legislation will force people who are incarcerated to instead pay into the exploitative commercial bonds industry, which charges premium fees that do not exist for charitable organizations and individuals raising funds for bail.


Rep. Greg Chaney (R)


Held in Committee



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