HB 302 would require that all people seeking an abortion receive information about the development of children with Down syndrome and the resources that are available in both the private and public sector to assist parents of children with Down syndrome.

Pregnant individuals should receive accurate and unbiased information about disability following a fetal diagnosis. Additionally, it is vital that the government takes proactive steps to tackle underlying and systemic ableism, stigma, and discrimination against people with disabilities. HB 302 does neither. The assumption that the information is only relevant at the time a person is seeking an abortion, and not at the time of fetal diagnosis, is hurtful and stigmatizing in its own regard. The lack of consultation with disability rights groups exposes the bill for what it is— an anti-choice piece of legislation that co-opts the mantle of disability justice to further shame and stigmatize those seeking abortion care.

All people, including people with disabilities, should have access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care that respects their individual autonomy and encompasses medically-accurate health information, a range of contraceptive options, safe and respectful maternal health care, and abortion care.

If elected officials are truly concerned about disability rights, they should fight to improve the social, political, physical and economic contexts within which women, transgender men, and non-binary people with disabilities are making decisions about their lives.



Kevin Andrus (R)


Lost: Signed Into Law



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