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The ACLU of Idaho works with members of the state legislature, state agencies and commissions, and the Governor’s office and executive branch to advocate for legislation that will protect and strengthen our civil liberties. We lobby policymakers, analyze proposed bills, draft and present testimony, collaboratively strategize with coalition partners, and work to build grassroots community power for legislative reform.

Among many other civil liberty issues, our legislative work includes criminal justice reform, reproductive rights, LGBTQ equality, immigrant rights, disability rights, privacy, religious freedom, and free speech.

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Our tracker enables supporters of the ACLU of Idaho to follow along with the legislative process in real-time and in some cases sign up for action alerts to contact lawmakers  in advocating for civil liberties across Idaho. The tracker will be updated to include new legislation through the filing deadline.   


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2021 - SB 1085 - 6-Week Abortion Ban

If “triggered,” this bill would ban abortion long before the point of viability and would undermine a pregnant person’s ability to make personal and private decisions that should be left to the pregnant person, their family, and their doctor.

February 16, 2021 Reproductive Freedom