Surveillance video of armed man on the Capitol floor should not lead to new restrictions on rights 
Boise, ID—The capitol surveillance video showing a gentleman touring the capitol while wearing a gun, looking at legislator’s desk and reaching into the trash has captured the attention of legislators, media and has entered the debate about rules governing the capitol. An edited version of the video was initially played during the House State Affairs Committee on January 22nd by Department of Administration Director Teresa Luna while she testified about the rules governing the State Capitol and Capitol Mall area. The ACLU has since reviewed the entire 11 minute video.
The ACLU is troubled that state officials are considering additional restrictions on constituent access to the Statehouse. We urge officials to first articulate exactly the issues of concern. The ACLU upholds an individuals’ right to privacy and if the Department wishes to address privacy concerns, it can do so by making shredders available, as well as secure places for storage on the floor. The Capitol is and should remain open to the public and all Idahoans should be encouraged to exercise their First Amendment rights. There seems to be some concern with the individual in the video carrying a sidearm. If this is the issue for legislators and the Department of Administration, that problem needs to be articulated. Any new rules governing the use of the Capitol – especially ones that might propose restrictions to the First Amendment, Second Amendment or any other civil rights should be open to public comment so Idahoans and the ACLU can have their voices heard.
There are hundreds, if not thousands of Idahoans not shown on any video that utilize the capitol during the legislative session and beyond to engage in the democratic process. Any regulations or rules promulgated will affect all Idahoans, not just the individual in this one video and should be carefully crafted as not to trample on the First, Second – or any amendment within the Constitution. Among those affected will be the Boy Scouts filmed in the video who presumably toured the Capitol to deepen their understanding of our system of government, one that should remain open and transparent to the people.