Stories from the Inside: Eddie

June 30, 2020

Hi my name is Eddie.

I am currently incarcerated at ISCC, IDOC. Due to the overcrowding, I believe there are many of us at risk of getting the Covid-19 virus. I am on a tier with over 50 people and the tier is open. I am in a 3-man cubical and can reach and touch the other 2 bunks from my own bunk. We all share 2 microwaves, 4 phones, 4 toilets with no urinals. The 3 of us in a cubical share a 6x8 area. They don’t give us hand sanitizer, and ever since the lockdown we don’t have enough tables to eat out. We don’t get any fresh air.

I strongly believe the ISCC prison is unprepared to take action on this COVID-19 pandemic and have had plenty of time to get prepared knowing how bad the situation is out in the community and other prisons.

I am not here on a violent crime or a sex crime. I am here on a delivery.




Black and Pink: Boise is an open family of queer & trans prisoners and "free world" allies who support each other.

Humankind: A Voice from the Inside is an organization committed to providing a voice for those navigating through the criminal justice system. We believe that everyone deserves fair and compassionate support in and outside of incarceration. Humankind envisions a world where individuals involved in the system are treated justly and receive adequate rehabilitation to become productive members of society. We need change, not chains.

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