Boise, ID — The ACLU of Idaho celebrates the United States Supreme Court decision, in a 5-4, to uphold the  Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program — affirming that the Trump administration’s termination of DACA was illegal.

“Today we celebrate this very significant victory in the lives of DACA recipient,” said ACLU of Idaho Executive Director Leo Morales. “While it’s a temporary victory, we don’t lose sight of the brevity of the Court's decision.  In plain language, the Court made it clear that the Trump Administration must follow the right process and cannot simply end any program in an arbitrary and unreasonable way. Regardless of what this administration does next, we will continue to be there to hold them accountable."

Since its implementation in 2012, the DACA program has helped hundreds of thousands of immigrants fleeing persecution and danger create a home for themselves and their families. In 2017 the Trump administration terminated the program — disrupting the lives of those families. This ruling by the supreme court to overturn that termination ensures that DACA recipients and their families can continue to live and work without the daily fear of deportation.

“Today we celebrate this victory that was won by our community. The fight to find a permanent solution for the DACA and the entire undocumented community is needed and will continue. In Idaho we need to mobilize to work for a just and inclusive immigration reform,” said Ruby Mendez-Mota, ACLU of Idaho Campaign Strategist.  “The ACLU of Idaho will listen and support DACA recipients to amplify their demands and call to action in the coming months.”

The ACLU’s deputy director of immigration policy, Andrea Flores said that, while today is a day for celebration, that the fight is not over — she cited the U.S. Senate’s upcoming vote on The American Dream and Promise Act — which authorizes the cancellation of removal and adjustment of status for certain aliens.

“The House of Representatives has already passed H.R.6, the Dream and Promise Act — it is incumbent upon the Senate to do the same to permanently protect Dreamers,” she said. “We won’t rest until Dreamers can.”




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