New immigration bill introduction in the House State Affairs Committee

Just when we thought Rep. Greg Chaney's anti-immigrant bill was almost dead, it's being brought back to life next week with an updated version tentatively scheduled to be introduced early next week.

Rep. Chaney's current bill, HB76, raises serious constitutional concerns for many reasons including unconstitutional detentions, racial and ethnic profiling, and weakening trust between local law enforcement and the communities they serve. Although Rep. Chaney will not share the details of his new bill with us, we expect that it will continue to pose constitutional risks while targeting immigrant families and workers.

While Rep. Chaney finalizes his new bill, it's time to get ready to take action. We'll need you to turn out and speak up so we can stop this bill together. Here's what we have planned so you can mark your calendars:

1. Pack the House State Affairs Committee for the new immigration bill introduction. We believe the bill will be introduced on early next week in Room EW40 at the Capitol Building. After the hearing, join us in the House Minority Caucus Room (4th floor) for a brief testimony training where you'll get prepped for the public hearing that will likely take place later in the week.

2. Pack the House State Affairs Committee AGAIN for the public hearing on the new immigration bill. This time of year bills move quickly inside the Legislature, so be prepared to show up a second time and voice your opposition to the bill. After the hearing we'll move to the Capitol front steps for a rally. Let's show lawmakers that we won't allow community members to live in fear of racial and ethnic profiling.

**Please understand that notice for these hearings will be given to the public (the ACLU included) on very short notice. Check both our website, Facebook and Twitter page frequently over the weekend for any updates.**

For those folks living outside the Treasure Valley, there are plenty of opportunities to help us stop this bill! We need your help calling and emailing Rep. Chaney, the chairman of the House State Affairs Committee, and the Speaker of the House to keep the pressure on.

If you have any questions about next week's actions against this unconstitutional anti-immigrant legislation, please contact Tony Lee, Programs Organizer, at

Yours in solidarity,

Kathy Griesmyer, Policy Director
Tony Lee, Programs Organizer
ACLU of Idaho