The ACLU of Idaho is proud to present our Lobbying 101 Toolkit!

Keep the toolkit handy throughout the year as you engage in the legislative process. You too can impact civil rights policy in Idaho by learning to communicate and share your stories with elected officials.

It's our job to elect Representatives and Senators, which means it's also our job to hold them accountable for the issues that matter the most to us. Like protecting our gay and transgender neighbors, defending the rights of women to make their own healthcare choices and ensuring that anyone unable to afford a private attorney is assured adequate legal representation in our courtrooms--plus so many other critical civil liberties issues.

Our toolkit includes all the resources you need to start taking action TODAY. Inside you'll find a review of the legislative bill making process, the best ways to communicate with elected officials and how to share your story with the media. Together we can make sure our lawmakers protect our freedoms and defend our constitutional rights.