HB 202 (previously HB 172) would protect the property rights of Idahoans and ensure increased accountability and transparency within Idaho’s law enforcement agencies.

Current civil asset forfeiture laws allows law enforcement to seize an individual’s property – including cash on hand, car(s), or one’s home – and take it without proving that the property was connected to criminal wrongdoing. Once the property is formally forfeited, law enforcement can then use the property for official use, or sell it and retain the proceeds to fund their departments.

HB 202’s much needed reforms would expand additional due process rights for innocent property owners trying to reclaim their belongings. It also requires local law enforcement agencies to annually report how they use Idaho’s civil asset forfeiture laws, restoring transparency to this often shadowed policing practice.


Rep. Steven Harris and Rep. Ilana Rubel


Passed both chambers



Bill number

HB 202