HB 620 (formerly HB 270 from the 2017 legislative session) raises serious constitutional concerns about restricting First Amendment protected speech and has the potential to result in criminal charges if an individual is found to have provided non-factual information regarding a bond or levy election. Read bill text here.

The free speech concerns found in HB 620 are overwhelming when considering they would bar teachers and students from discussing political candidates and ballot initiatives if they were to do so on public property using resources funded by public taxpayer dollars. This would essentially prohibit teachers from modeling political debates in their classrooms and prevent student groups from distributing information regarding their support of candidates and/or ballot initiatives. 

HB 620 would also require a judge to determine what is considered factual speech vs. speech that advocates for a particular candidate or support/opposition of a ballot initiative. This could amount to political censorship, with individuals or groups challenging the validity of the speech of their opponents. 



Rep. Jason Monks (R)


Passed House State Affairs Committee



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