Los Caminos de la Vida Art Exhibit


The Los Caminos de la Vida art exhibition is an artivism project that was inspired by the ACLU of Idaho’s DACAmented project. Los Caminos de la Vida takes that inspiration and focuses the narrative on the experiences of the undocumented community in Idaho. 

The recent inaugural exhibition in Caldwell showcased the stories of eleven undocumented individuals living in Idaho, with a social hour and short presentation.  

The collection of stories and experiences are meant to signify the eleven million undocumented individuals living in the United States. This project aims to uplift the experiences of our immigrant community in Idaho. Each story in the exhibit is presented with photographs accompanied by audio of the storytellers sharing their own personal experiences. 

If you are interested in having the Los Caminos de la Vida art exhibit visit your community, please reach out to ACLU Idaho Community Organizing Fellow, Rosseli Guerrero, at RGuerrero@acluidaho.org. Please add “ACLU Idaho Art Exhibit" in the subject line