BOISE, Idaho—The ACLU of Idaho extends heartfelt congratulations to same-sex couples newly wedded today, and those who now are legally recognized as married in Idaho. It’s a beautiful day in the state as we join in celebrating this historic moment where fundamental civil rights are acknowledged for a class of individuals to whom this right was denied for so long. Idaho can now mark this October 15th, 2014 as the start of a new chapter in our history and we are all better because of it.

In America, freedom means freedom for everyone. Being able to marry the person you love is a fundamental value and now a civil right for loving and committed same-sex couples in Idaho. Marriage is a lifetime commitment—that special vow two people make in front of friends and family to be there for each other for better or worse, in sickness and in health. For same-sex couples in Idaho, the protections and responsibilities of marriage are now available.

Congratulations to those wedded today and in the future. The ACLU remains committed to the eternal struggle to bring equality and justice under the law for all persons.

In Solidarity,
Leo Morales Interim Executive Director